October 13, 2021

Central City historic home with WrapRoof installed

With the severe shingle shortage and volume of damaged roofs, (Louisiana) property owners face up to a year or more of exposure and risk further loss and hardship.”
— Chad Lekander, Home Wreckers Inc.
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, US, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Home Wreckers, Inc., a licensed WrapRoofTM installer, announced today that it has set up operation in LaPlace, LA to provide innovative temporary roofing solutions to local residents with roof damage from Hurricane Ida. Home Wreckers, Inc. is a licensed WrapRoofTM installer. WrapRoof is the only patented shrink wrap roofing system on the market ideally suited to help residents and businesses prevent further loss after storm damage occurs. The warrantied solution provides owners with twelve months to get new roofs installed. Until recently, roof damage from weather events were addressed with tarps, which FEMA recommends should be replaced within 30-60 days. National roofing material shortages are exacerbating the roof repair and replacement problems for Louisiana property owners.

Home Wreckers, Inc. installed WrapRoof shrink wrap in early October at the historic home of Central City resident, Jeanette Bell. Ms. Bell stated, “After much searching, I feel extremely lucky to have found a credible shrink wrap installer for my roof, but the information should be more readily available in our community. I'm concerned that there are individuals like me who are at a loss as to how to protect their precious and valuable belongings while they are dealing with getting the repairs done. The cost of further damage far outweighs the cost of getting the roof wrapped. It’s a simple question of economics. For the national register properties in the City, it is an absolute necessity, because I knew that a tarp would not going to give me the time I needed to get a new roof.”

Chad Lekander, Home Wreckers, Inc. president stated, “We are humbled by the opportunity to help people like Ms. Bell protect their homes and businesses from further weather damage with the only patented shrink wrap roof system on the market. With the severe shingle shortage and volume of damaged roofs, owners face up to a year or more of exposure and risk further loss and hardship.” Home Wreckers often works with Insurance companies to secure and protect our clients’ property. The innovative WrapRoof shrink wrap solution, offers numerous advantages over tarping solutions.
“Due to the devastation of Hurricane Ida, many property owners have suffered extensive roof damage. The current material shortages and lack of better options have left property owners in need of a better solution,” Larry J. Bond, Co-Founder/Inventor at WrapRoof, stated. “Our licensees⁠—like HomeWreckers⁠—have worked around the clock to secure properties in Louisiana from further damage. The WrapRoof solution preserves the roof in the post loss state while it remains fully functioning and leak free for 1 full year. It's also easy to remove and re-attach for inspections if needed. We are so proud of our incredible network of licensees that are trained and certified to install the patented WrapRoof solution. Together we can continue to spread the word of this innovative temporary roofing solution and help communities rebuild.”

For more information about licensed WrapRoofTM shrink wrap solutions for home or business installation, call 504-399-1704, or visit https://homewreckersfl.com/roof-wrapping/.

Home Wreckers, Inc. is based in Melbourne, FL and serves all of Brevard County. The roofing and general contractor provides both commercial and residential roofing services including roof replacements, metal roofing, emergency repairs and WrapRoofTM shrink wrap roofing solutions. Home Wreckers provides the exceptional customer service, quality workmanship and is committed to providing growth opportunities to its employees. For more information, contact (321) 291-6129 or visit homewreckersfl.com

WrapRoof™ is the inventor of the most effective, and only U.S. -patented, shrink wrap roofing solution available. Its state-of-the-art product and service is available nationwide, for both residential and commercial properties. We provide our clients the highest quality of product and exceptional service - available for all types of roofs.
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